Thanks for the Rainbow Power (home exercise) I used it this morning when we were on a downward spiral! My son responded beautifully to it and it changed his attitude really effectively simple smile Feedback

Kristie, Christchurch Mum


Thank you so much for today! It was incredible to see our kids so relaxed and in the moment. Sometimes our kids find it difficult to appreciate the small things in life, so it was beautiful seeing them take something seriously and be so present with themselves. I think what you do is of such benefit for children. I definitely recommend Imagination Yoga! Thankyou so much, Emajane  – Paparoa Kidztime.


“The BEST VALUE extra-curricular activity we have ever done for my child!”

Liz, Christchurch Mum



Hi Siouxie

Oh my goodness, Charlie & Chloe have been raving about the Imagination Yoga session, we loved it! Chloe was so excited this morning to tell us about how she dreamed she was at the magic mountain castle  😀 gorgeous!

Thanks again & we’ll see you next week (C & C have been counting the days 😉 )

Maren (Christchurch Mum)



Thankyou so much for the Imagination Yoga session on Monday. My daughter had so much FUN. She played “moon yoga” all night after she got home…and lucky Mummy & Daddy got some massages out of it!! Can you please book us in for next Monday afternoon!

Michelle (Lyttelton Mummy)



I’d just like to say how happy I am to have Siouxie do yoga with my 4 year old kinder group. This is the second year that she has taken weekly yoga classes with the children and they absolutely love it! They still always ask “When is Siouxie day?”

I really like how Siouxie incorporates imaginative play with yoga and really knows how to keep the children’s interest over the lesson. The positive health benefits for the children are amazing and I really notice a calming effect for the rest of the week.
I would definitely recommend to any teacher to incorporate Siouxie’s Imagination Yoga into their program!

Sarah Anderson, Kindergarten Teacher at Treehouse ELC, Melbourne


Children in their early years have great imagination and are very excited about body movement. My class immensely enjoyed all their Imagination Yoga sessions with Siouxie Solar’s Imagination Academy. The benefits were extending their interest in many topics, relaxing and refreshing their minds and assisting with their physical development, coordination & balance. We had Siouxie teach here every week for 2 years before she departed for New Zealand. We are sad she is leaving! frownie Feedback

Fiona Liu, Teacher at Guardian Kindergarten, Melbourne




We would like to book in again for next term. Our space boys love everything you do with them!

Best wishes always,

ProfessorMarcia Devlin, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Federation University, Australia


Hi Siouxie. It’s an absolute pleasure to give you some feedback. My husband & I are so thrilled to have found Siouxie Solar’s Imagination Academy. and so are our kids. We weren’t sure how they would go (8 & 10 yr old) but they are so excited!!! They love that they get to perform, dance, dress up, imagine, create stories & works of art with other kids!! They also love the magic mind journeys and massage- so good for them to learn these skills! We appreciate that they are getting a chance to really express themselves (away from home!) Keep up the amazing work,

Dee & Tim


 I asked Lucy what she loves about Imagination Yoga and she said Relaxation, because you get to listen to one of Siouxie’s stories, and yoga stretch. I love Siouxie From me: The thing I love above Imagination Yoga most is that my daughter loves it – she glows with happiness when she knows she’s going to yoga, and after. She wishes every day was yoga day. It’s not just about the yoga program, it’s about Siouxie and the love and respect with which she treats the children. I love watching my little four-year-old get to express her opinions and ideas to the rest of the class, and play an active role in the shape of the class – something all the kids get to do. Sometimes, when her emotions are getting out of control, we talk about the breathing they do and they places they ‘go’ in yoga, and she uses that as a way to centre herself. As well as being great for her physical health, Imagination Yoga is great for her creativity, social skills, self esteem and a whole lot of fun. I wholeheartedly recommend the program to other kids and their parents.

Imogen Bannister, Mother & Freelance Editor


Dear Siouxie, my children have been going through a really difficult time lately. Coming to the imagination academy has made a real difference with their ability to cope, they are so happy and calm every time I collect them – they don’t want to leave!! Thank you so much. See you soon!

Blessings, T.W


I’d just like to inform you how much we enjoy your sessions and how Imagination Yoga is appreciated and enjoyed by our children at Melbourne Juniors!

Yoga helps children be creative, gain physical co-ordination,makes them stronger and increases concentration.
Positive benefits & skills are also noticed in the children developing greater body awareness, increased confidence and positive self image. They feel part of healthy and non-competitive group, learn about balancing their bodies and minds.

During the early years of learning we want children to learn how they can be calm, energised and focused on body and mind. Imagination Yoga works as a compliment for us to achieve our goals!

The best part of Imagination Yoga is when the children sit in a circle holding each other hands and the way Siouxie extends imaginative play into yoga, which gathers all the children’s interest. Children just love you and we can find so many examples during the day when we see children practicing their yoga class.

Imagination Yoga is highly recommended for other childcare, kindergarten and primary schools to be part of their curriculum.

Warmest Regards, Aarti Sharma

Early Childhood Educator, Melbourne Juniors ELC

We’ve attended many of Siouxie’s classes and workshops and my son loves the small and friendly group and its wonderful facilitator! This is more than just yoga.

Siouxie Solar (aka Louise Buckingham – former CHPS Kids’ Club Director) brings enlightening and thought-provoking ideas into every class and the children are able to express and share thoughts and ideas incorporated with yoga and other movement.

“Imaginative movement adventures” – says it all.

(Grade 4AS parent) Jo Press



“Every week Children are invited to embark on a new deep space movement adventures with galactic guide, Siouxie Solar!
Each magical destinations speaks of a bright future for ourselves, our village and our planet, and Siouxie ensures that every Lil’ Earthling has so much COSMIC FUN that they do not even realize they are learning the ancient practice of Yoga!

Yoga classes are the best way for Children to be introduced to the world of mind-body health, creativity and being part of creating a peaceful and positive world.

We attended a class with Siouxie Solar and were blown away at how engaged the children were, it was a really great experience for Mr 2.5 yrs”

Review from ‘The Melbourne Kid’


Poppy’s Dad writes:

Ever thought of doing imagination yoga at your child’s birthday party. I did, and I strongly recommend! Siouxie Solar aka Louise Buckingham takes the kids on a fantastic voyage using a combination of cleverly crafted story telling, yoga, movement, wild crazy dance, meditation and creative play!

My six-year-old daughter and her nine fairy friends (along with her little brother’s eight mates), became spellbound within seconds after landing on their yoga mats.

The kids had a ball, and the parents too, but what amazed me the most though was when one hour later I rounded the corner with the birthday cake to find all the kids peacefully lying under blankets, virtually asleep!

If you want a party that delivers more than any sugar high can give, Siouxie Solar’s Imagination Yoga is for you!

Simon Wright, Freelance Film & Television Editor,Melbourne


“Siouxie Solar BLEW ALL OUR SOCKS OFF at the weekend. Seriously she is so much fun and so good with kids of all ages and temperaments. If you have kids and live in Melbourne, or even if you live further afield- it’s worth the travel!”

Jennie Donehue- Yoga Teacher, Melbourne


I have a confession to make. Maybe Imagination Yoga is as much for me as my lil boy! Lol.

I listen more, participate more and stretch more from it. Ever since I had a baby I’ve been missing going to yoga so I have loved having an excuse for him to learn and play and get in some yoga myself!

At 3 he wasn’t as engaged but I kept taking him anyways and it’s quite nice how much we developed from the first class when he just wanted to ride horsey on my back during a downward dog pose! Thank you Siouxie Solar’s Imagination Academy for making these classes so much fun and such a fantastic space of encouragement, laughter and creativity for both parents and the little earthlings. Today we laid on our mats and saw dangling jelly fishes fly by in our sea journey. Love your work! Doan Vo of Little Organics


Recently we tried Siouxie Solar’s Kids Yoga program at Little Organics in Preston. To say we were amazed is an understatement! Previously we had tried other parent/child yoga classes, but nothing quite like this!

You feel that you are truly being taken to a magical place where yoga naturally is incorporated. All children were relaxed, excited and most importantly engaged! We would highly recommend this to other parents simple smile Feedback

Regards, Natalie & Chelsea                          Eat Play Discover, Victoria



“Siouxie, just want to say, THANK YOU so much. Harrison is having such a great time!!

Amanda Noble


“Dear Siouxie, I just wanted to pop you a quick note to say thank you so much for all your effort with the space program!!! My children love travelling on the Solar Express and hanging out with you and their respective girls and boys group! They love the program, the constant activity, they have made new friends and love the space too. I think they feel special there, in control of their environment at the same time… and free to be themselves”

Rosie Miller


“Dear Siouxie, well done on the creation of a great program that both of our boys have enjoyed immensely. Book us a Space for next Term!” Melinda Hughes


Hello Siouxie,
Just a note to say thank you for your time – the kids really appreciated the program and the feedback has been wonderful.
I look forward to running further programs with you in the future!
Greg Tate, Manager / Coach – Tateswim

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