Guests from Space

At Siouxie Solar’s Imagination Academy we beam down GUESTS FROM SPACE!

Artists, teachers, professionals or experts in fields relating to children’s wellbeing/ creativity/the arts/positive living to share their informative, inspiring & intergalactic skills with the Children.

Check out these stellar beings!


We are wildly excited to announce our “Call of the Wild” Guest From Space  ~Sal Simpson of Lyttel Ninja Kombucha! Sal will be teaching the children about the natural wonder of Wild Green Smoothies!  Sal is passionate about the power of superfoods and the effect our digestive system has on a positive mindset and our overall sense of wellbeing

During the week of 19th-24th June, Sal will lead the Christchurch & Lyttelton IY kids on a yummy adventure where they will have fun learning about and helping prepare this delicious & nutritious creation.
 Both Siouxie and Sal believe it is hugely beneficial from an early age to empower kids with positive  food choices, learn self-care and tap into the bounty of the seasons. Together they have come up with the simple motto to share with the kids “Healthy Tummy, Happy Me”.





Kirsty 1024x768 Guests from Space

Announcing our newest Guest from Space is Ashtanga yoga teacher and rock climber extraordinaire Mrs Kirsty Priestley.

During the week of April 3rd-8th 2017, Kirsty will be introducing the Imagination Yoga kids to a deep relaxation experience called ‘Yoga Nidra’. This ancient and wonderfully rejuvenating practice will enable the kids to learn how to fully rest their whole bodies and minds, and plant positive seeds for future self-care.

We are super excited to have this cosmic being on board!!!



bb3 Guests from Space

November 2016@ IMAGINATION YOGA & COSMIC SMOOTHIES, Christchurch, NZ

We welcomed passionate wholefood lover BIBI MABER as our ‘Guest from Space’! Bibi is a Children’s Plant-based Culinary Instructor & VeggieFun Programme Leader. For the final part of our imagination yoga adventure, Bibi sparked our taste buds by teaching us how to make delicious, nutritious superfood smoothies. Encouraging our young to create the right kind of snacks!


Fran prague Guests from Space

April 2015 @ The True North Arts Festival.  IMAGINATION YOGA & NERVOUS DOLL DANCING. We invited the exceptional cellist, Francesca Mountfort to be our Guest from Space for our yoga adventure at the True North Arts Festival, Melbourne. Her ethereal strings provided the perfect backdrop for our cosmic adventure, especially our deep space relaxation!


Eva Guest From Space Guests from Space

December 2014: Imagination Yoga Class @ TREEHOUSE ELC, Melbourne

We were graced with the wonderful puppeteering skills of Eva Collins & Jane Shelton who brought Siouxie’s space friend Pinky Ponglebottom to life! This whimsical pig did an especially epic version of Frozen’s “Let it Go”!



SDC10509 Guests from Space

July 2014: ADVENTURE AVENUE~ Imagination Day Camp, Abbotsford Convent, Melbourne:  

We were lucky to have Adam Forbes (ADAM ATOM) to be our Guest from Space. Adam is an accomplished Contemporary Dancer, Shiatsu Practitioner & Okido Yoga Instructor. Adam’s calm presence was very grounding for us all, and he very kindly shared with us his collection of beautiful, exotic oriental instruments. He also introduced us to ‘Atomic Exercise’, wonderful stretches for the whole body! The kids then created ‘Adventure Avenue’. This is a glimpse into our day…




SDC10511 1024x768 Guests from Space


9th/10th April 2013: ‘NEWS FROM SPACE’: Green Screen Filming & Puppetry Workshops. Puppeteer & Visual Artist CYSPACE GAL (Cy O’Neill) brought her extraordinary creative talents to Umbershoot Film Studio for a very exciting green screen adventure. The Children created puppets then brought them to life on set where these charismatic characters beamed down the latest news from afar…View our masterpiece here!



scarlett1 992x1024 Guests from Space

October 14th 2012: Siouxie Solar’s Space School. We were graced by SCARLETT COOK (Pianist/Songwriter ) aka Scarlett Stardust. Scarlett assisted the Children in brainstorming, composing & performing a song about their favourite pastime  “Eating Clouds”. Thanks for taking us to the stars, Miss Stardust!





katie tucker 1024x678 Guests from Space

August 2012: Pancake Planet! @ Siouxie Solar’s Space School. KOSMIK  KATIE, Katie Tucker of Zinnia Blue, was our sweetheart Guest From Space whose shone brightly in the kitchen as we made interplanetary pancakes (oh dear, they were a bit weird as stove would not work for us!), and also Miss Kosmik helped us compose a cool Song called “Party with the Planet Gods” as we were studying the Mythology and the Planets. Yep, she’s a songwriter!


IMG 0709 Guests from Space3rd July 2012: Siouxie Solar’s Space School. Talented Makeup & Theatre Production Artist, EMILY CIRRULUS was our Guest from Space at Space School and did some awesome space tribe face painting for the Children. Thanks Emily!



Scott Eggenton Guests from Space

2nd October 2009, “Stepping Into Space” at the Abbotsford Convent. SPACE RANGER SCOTT (Aikido Teacher, Scott Eggenton) was our very special Guest From Space. He ran sessions of ‘play-aikido’ to teach the kids the power of harnessing their own energy to resist the need to ‘fight’. We learned a lot about balance, working together, being centred, spatial awareness and being a peaceful warrior simple smile Guests from Space



November 2Feih Guests from Space008 Solar Rewind: After School Program: CLOUD PIRATE NIMBUS! We were lucky enough to have one of the southern hemispheres only court jesters, Feih Kemp gallantly passed on some old-fashioned skills of juggling, diabalo, magic tricks and joke telling. Entertainment fit for a King & Queen!





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