“I wish we had imagination yoga when I was a kid!!”

Maria K, Christchurch Mum of three 


Children’s Yoga Classes for 4-12 year olds in CHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND.Coco 2017 IMAGINATION YOGA 2018

 Imagination Yoga (iY) is a complete Yoga Programme for kids.

Ask about the*new* Junior iY Teacher-in-Training opportunity 

iY brings breathing space and balance into our little people’s lives in a super fun way!
The weekly classes are a golden opportunity for your Child to establish solid self care habits for the future!

iY helps spark their highest potential and prepare for life’s adventures with confidence and self-love!

And that’s just the beginning.

Expect your child to become little masters of their body/ mind, feel happier, calmer, problem solve more easily, surprise you with their brilliance and twinkle away, like the star they are meant to be.


Future mental and physical health has never been so important for every being.

Children’s yoga teacher Lou Buckingham (aka Siouxie Solar) and her brilliant Guests from Space will guide your Child through the syllabus of weekly themed adventures that introduce kids to yoga, meditation and their creative potential.

At Imagination Yoga, Kids thrive on discovering their many dimensions, from their  inner strength to connecting and creating wonder with others! These are skills for future leaders.

 Plant the positive future seeds now. 





32 ADVENTURES. Nova2017 168x300 IMAGINATION YOGA 2018

Term 1The Tiny Explorer  

Tuesday 13th February ~ Saturday 7th April (8 weeks)

Focus: Bones, Body Parts & Brave Hearts

We start from the inside, with a fascinating and entertaining journey into our bones through the landscape of a giant’s body, with our curious, caped companion, the Tiny Explorer. Children learn about basic human anatomy, discover how it all moves and fits together, beginner’s yoga poses and how every adventure is better when we begin with courage in our hearts.

Term 2: The Call of the Wild! 

Tuesday 8th May ~ Saturday 30th June (8 weeks)

Focus: Animal Yoga/Movement, Nature Studies, Body Language & Self-Expression

Animal Kingdom here we come! We travel back in time to the primal origins of yoga, observing and mimicking creatures great and small in their natural habitat. Besides encouraging confidence in self-expression, your wild child will have the time of their life as they embrace their animal spirit and release those wolf howls!

Term 3: Fairy & Wizard School! 

Tuesday 31st July ~ Saturday 22nd September (8 weeks)

Focus: Magic Mind Meditation, Yoga Action Sequences, Potion Making and being Magical You!

We welcome you to the yoga school of childhood dreams! Grab your broomsticks and wands and get ready for magical days at Imagination Yoga. The lessons here will have you spell bound! Our movement will be with intention, flow and grace. We will learn meditation tricks (maybe even levitation tricks!?) This is the school where we have lessons on how to believe in our mighty selves, stretch tall (& shrink small!) and trust our inner wizard. Mostly expect fun, fun, FUN!

Term 4: The Seven Worlds Tour!  

Tuesday 23rd October~Saturday 15th December (8 weeks)

Focus: Energy, Emotions, Inner Resources & Creative Spark

We head into outer space on a fantastical mission to seven mythical planets that represent each of the colours of the rainbow/energy of the chakras. On each planet we will meet a mysterious and kind animal guide that has its own special star quality. We will embark on a problem-solving adventure with each of these new friends and have a completely colourful and cosmic time. Especially confidence building and inspirational for budding artists, explorers, creators and storytellers.


2018 iY timetable 1024x745 IMAGINATION YOGA 2018

 NB: Classes run 8 weeks of each school term, from Tuesday 13th February to Saturday 15th December 2018



  • mastering beginners yoga postures (32+)
  • creating their own home  practice 
  • basic anatomy/body movement study
  • free movement and creative dance 
  • character play and storytelling
  • art-play and creative games
  • embodying*star qualities*:  courage, strength, focus, flexibility, listening, solution making, resourcefulness, kindness, togetherness and peace power!
  • the greatest FUN imaginable!

 IY Course Price/Options:



WHOLE TERM PASS $128 (most popular!)

WHOLE YEAR WONDER PASS $496 (best value!)

*Payment secures place and must be paid in full before class commencement*




Secure your Child’s place!


Download the Enrolment Form. Complete and bring to class on first day or email to, stating your preferred class option/course preference.

click here! IMAGINATION YOGA Enrolment Form 2018




“It’s so much fun the kids don’t even realise they are learning yoga!” Gabby (Melbourne Mum)



The universally positive effects of Children’s yoga and meditation have been well documented, and the data keeps flooding in! Besides enhancing their physical flexibility, stamina and mental focus, Yoga allows Children to tap into their inner stillness, creativity and be more self-aware of their feelings and the feelings of others. Overall Children are reported to have greater feelings of happiness, self love/care and feeling in control of themselves.

Below are the top 10 researched yoga benefits, collated from science reports and articles worldwide. (Source: Jodi Komitor of PositivelyPostive, 2012)

  1. Strengthens growing bodies
  2. Relieves anxiety and provides tools for stress management
  3. Boosts confidence and positive behaviour
  4. Teaches present moment awareness
  5. Cultivates a peaceful, relaxed state of body and mind
  6. Sparks creativity and imagination
  7. Encourages kind peer and social interactions
  8. Enhances body awareness
  9. Teaches discipline and responsibility
  10. Supports success across the spectrum of academic, sporting, performance, artistic and recreational activities


“We love imagination yoga!

                              THE KIDS 


Any Q’s, phone Louise on 0226 250 321 or email 

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